Photography intersects with my life and everything I am passionate about. Traveling and photographing people and places has shaped my life profoundly. As a little girl I would sit up late next to my window wondering what girls my age were doing on the other side of the world. The spirit and force behind my photography is to open avenues of understanding, to learn and to show others both the beauty and challenges we face.
  • Quick Photo Tip For Low Light Digital Photography

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  • MM7370_02_15_060872

    The Difference A Millimeter Makes

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  • Traveling To The Basque Country

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  • Salt-of-the-earth-wide

    The Salt of the Earth – a documentary on Sebastiao Salgado

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  • Wilma Mankiller – A Hero

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  • 0010-SandCreek-131022

    Sand Creek Massacre 1864

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  • Meeting Minara in Bangladesh

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  • A Tuareg family sleeping in Mali, West Africa. On Assignment for National Geographic.

    Travels in Mali – A Quiet Moment

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